Way to Treasure Island, by Harold Farnshaw
This site was designed for the entertainment and education of everyone who finds it. It consists of many classic stories that have carried on through generations. They are reminiscent of time past, but their themes have stayed with us and will carry on in our lives as we go into our future.

This site was created to present many classic illustrations created by artists such as Edmund Dulac, Jessie Willcox Smith, Maxfield Parrish, Arthur Rackham, Warwick Goble, and other great artists of their time, along with the stories for which they were originally written. The stories were written from the time around the turn of the century, up to the mid-1920’s by authors such as Hans Christian Andersen, Robert Louis Stevenson, Eugene Field, Grace James, and other famous writers of this time period.

Many of the stories on this site were found in books from The Jordan Collection of The Boston Public Library, and were retrieved to the rare books section, where I recorded the stories chosen, for your enjoyment. I hope it is as pleasurable for you as it was for me to put it together.

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